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Storage Tank Inspections


Sentinel Integrity Solutions’ tank inspection teams are knowledgable in integrity assesment, new construction, and repairs.  

Storage Tank Inspection Services Include:

Internal Inspection

  • API 653/STI Internal/External Inspection

  • MFL Floor Scans

  • Vacuum Box Inspection of Lap Joints

  • MT Corner weld

  • Settlement Surveys

  • Static and Automated UT Measurements

  • NACE Coating Inspection


External Inspection


  • Static and Automated UT Measurements

  • Calculations per API 653/STI

  • Settlement Surveys

  • Peaking and Banding

  • Planer Tilt

  • Measurement of Nozzles

  • Nozzle and Repad Dimension


Quality Assurance/Quality Control


  • Perform QA and or QC Function

  • During Tank Construction & Repairs


Seal Inspections

  • Determine the Proper Seal Inspection Required per EPA and State Regulations

  • Primary and/or Secondary Seal Inspection per EPA and State Regulation


Tank Programs


  • Development of Tank Programs

  • Development of SPCC for Tank Inspection

  • Perform Audits of Individual Tank Programs per API, STI and SPCC


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