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Our commitment to safety is

evident in our results

Safety Values

The following principles support our core safety values:


  • Management supports the philosophy that a goal of zero is achievable.

  • All injuries and accidents are preventable through establishment and compliance with safe working procedures.

  • The prevention of bodily injury and safeguarding of health are the first considerations in all workplace actions and are the responsibility of every employee at every level.

  • Written safety plans describing the safe work practices and procedures to be practiced in all workplace actions are an essential element of the overall workplace safety program.

  • Employees at every level are responsible for knowing and following the safety practices described in the written safety plan.

  • Off the job, all employees should be similarly safe and demonstrate awareness of potential hazards.

Safety Leadership

Under the leadership of a full-time safety director, Sentinel Integrity Solutions has created a long-established safety program that stresses training, participation of all personnel and the placement of safety systems from the  earliest planning stages of  
each project. At Sentinel, our safety director oversees the creation of policies and best practices that both eliminate injuries and occupational illnesses; therefore, resulting in increased project productivity.

Safety Expertise

Knowing and understanding OSHA regulations is a priority. As part of our procedures, we meet with a facility safety representative at the start of each engagement and as project variables change to ascertain the specific requirements for each project and location. We believe awareness of requirements and planning for safety are critical elements for a successful and safe project.


Safety Procedures

Safety is a formal part of the corporate quality program within Sentinel, which includes a detailed safety manual and incentive program. Direction from the Safety Department is given on key elements such as bid scope documents, hazardous materials, worker safety, accident prevention, employee attire, behavior, work procedures, setting up and maintaining safe site conditions and project site security. 

All company and contract personnel practice emergency procedures and conduct daily “tail-gate” safety meetings; designated staff members are trained in first aid and certified in CPR.

Safety Program

Sentinel Integrity Solutions’ safety philosophy has been developed to reflect and communicate the proactive safety attitude maintained by our company. Sentinel will comply with appropriate safety and security laws and regulations such as those established by:

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • The Department of Transportation (DOT) and all other applicable federal, state, and local safety and health regulations

  • Additional client required safety programs and protocols

Our monthly safety newsletter issues guidance and alerts on general and inspection specific hazards and the mitigation steps for each. The newsletter is posted on our website and is also distributed to all personnel.

Safety Incentive Program

The purpose of this program is to recognize and reward Sentinel employees who demonstrate the desire to go above and beyond to promote a successful, safe work environment for our client’s employees, our employees, and any other personnel working with us or in our work area.


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