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Leadership and Mentoring of Young Inspectors

This article was originally posted on Monday July 25, 2016

Throughout my career as an inspector and manager I’ve been fortunate to work with inspectors, engineers and metallurgists that provided their time and experience to mold me into the professional that I am today. Without question, this has given me the necessary tools to have a successful career. I try to pass this mentality on to younger inspectors and provide them with a team environment on our projects.

It is my role as a manager at Sentinel Integrity Solutions to lead by example and mentor our future workforce in order to keep our competitive edge in the coming years. A motto that we pride ourselves on is to “not only help young inspectors become more experienced, but for them to become leaders in our industry.” There are a lot of bad habits out there that inspectors can pick up but if we can provide them with structure, reinforcement of a positive attitude, and good work ethic, I believe this will get them going in the right direction.

On our projects we don’t work as individuals, we work as a team. In order for our team to be successful, everyone must work towards the same goal, providing the client with a quality product in a safe manner. In the field, we team our younger inspectors up with experienced inspectors who can provide them with technical support during the field inspection and documentation processes. This way they will not only learn correctly, but also learn how to quantify, document, and provide a path forward with the inspection results.

Inspection is like anything in life; if you learn the correct way, continue doing it the right way, and take pride in what you are doing, then there can only be one outcome: success and integrity.

Sentinel Integrity Solutions is not a staffing company that provides their clients with warm bodies and gate access badges. We are an inspection company that provides top tier services to our clients and we intend on keeping it that way. The Sentinel family welcomes newcomers. All we ask is when you do step on the playing field you are ready and willing to learn to become a team player on the winning team.


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