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Mechanical Integrity (MI) is a term that refers to the process of managing process equipment. This is done to ensure that it is designed correctly, and performs safely. Mechanical Integrity covers everything from the design and construction of a piece of equipment, all the way to its installation and operation.

Having a proper Mechanical Integrity Program can lead to several benefits for a facility, including better equipment reliability and fewer failures, more efficient maintenance, better compliance to government regulations, and lower operating costs. Likewise, Mechanical Integrity plays a large role in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) CFR 29 1910.119 Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals standard and with the EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP).

Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS)


Sentinel Integrity Solutions’ Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS) is a grassroots program developed completely in-house by Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc. to optimize the consistency, accuracy and manageability of any facility’s current Mechanical Integrity Program, adopting standardization and a methodology of continuity to meet each client’s specific needs.

AIMS is comprised of authentically created works, creations, spreadsheets, processes, procedures, workflows, strategies, methodologies, and related proprietary software modules. The AIM System  provides safe, cost-effective solutions in the development, implementation, optimization, and evergreening of either risk-based or traditional time based mechanical integrity programs within the refining, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pipeline, and power industries.

AIMS begins by ensuring that the MI software your facility utilizes is accurately performing the calculations needed to calculate minimum thickness, long/short term corrosion rates and remaining life used to predict future inspection intervals. AIMS will evaluate your MI software’s basic design and corrosion monitoring variables. MI software packages come with a basic set of generic variables that need to be edited or modified to reflect the facility’s actual equipment and the inspection department's SOP’s. It is absolutely critical these calculations are accurate and consistent throughout the program. Sentinel Integrity Solutions provides a complete data set that will cover virtually every material, nozzle or pipe schedule found within a client's facility, regardless of the facility's MI software application.

AIMS objectively evaluates every vessel, piping circuit, storage tank or relief device and only appropriate inspection strategies are applied. The numerous CML discrepancies that previously existed within your record set will be resolved, and only CML’s that provide relevant corrosion data will be maintained. After, we will deactivate CML’s that provide no relevant corrosion data. We will perform all overdue external inspections and work closely with your inspectors so that overdue internal inspections, non-destructive evaluations (NDE) or special inspections are planned to be performed during the next scheduled outage.

AIMS will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of virtually all inspection activities and is easily maintained by your resident inspectors. AIMS will optimize the consistency, accuracy and manageability of any facility’s current Mechanical Integrity program, regardless of the owner/user’s program structure or software applications. Our staff of API inspectors has extensive OSHA PSM experience, and we specialize in the optimization or full implementation of Mechanical Integrity Programs. Our system is capable of optimizing any type of Mechanical Integrity Program in any petrochemical facility.

Mechanical Integrity Programs

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